When social media trolls cross a certain limit, the fun component disappears and is replaced by creepiness and disgust. Here's an example featuring the famous Krishna. Regarding tollywood celebrities, a social media fan war is currently in progress. This has gotten so bad that followers are now casually making jokes about the private lives of famous heroes.

Anti-Ghattamaneni supporters are disseminating a video of an MS Narayana interview in which he discusses the amusing Solomon raj character from dubai Sreenu. He claimed in the file interview that the character was created with krishna in mind by the filmmaker. It is quite upsetting to watch social media trolls disseminating movies like this that malign the recently deceased superstar Krishna.

Whatever the motivation, speaking poorly of and disparaging a legendary movie star just days after his passing is extremely disrespectful. It is wrong to use videos like us at a time when people are grieving. These social media attacks are completely out of line since Mahesh Babu, his family, and his supporters are still grieving over Krishna's passing. So far, no one even warned their fans or followers to keep quiet and refrain from such awkward postings.

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