The entire cast attended today's success celebrations for the Adivi Sesh-starring movie HIT2. The canine Max was specifically trained for the HIT series, according to the film's director Sailesh Kolanu. The stress-buster, as he was known. Sailesh further expressed his joy at the positive response received even from a single screen. All of Nani's performers and the film's crew received appreciation. "Komali prasad performed quite well. I'm hoping she'll receive additional offers. To provide some beauty in this psychological thriller, we required it. One of the best performers is Suhas.

I'm the kind of person who occasionally considers magic real. Sesh, however, is a diligent individual who rejects magic in favour of logic. He demands perfection from everything. He ensured that everyone provided their best effort. I'm happy with Sesh. He became an integral component of HITverse and must respond to our calls at all times. Wall poster cinema was founded to promote talent. I didn't make movies in order to go broke. I thought telugu moviegoers would support decent films.

Sailesh wants to depict their feud with nani on cinema, according to Adivi Sesh. Before we screened the movie for family and friends, I felt confident. Before the premiere of new episodes, people posted reviews on social media. Thankfully, there were no spoilers posted. On the morning of the movie's release, mahesh babu sir left me three missed calls when I awoke. He called to wish me, in fact. He expressed his pride in me. My eyes started to tear up. He has a younger brother who is always there for him, I told him. I received a lot of compliments and the evaluations were favourable. Midday, I came to the realisation that this was the biggest hit of my career.

Suhas is an excellent actor. I have some similarities to Srinath. His performance was excellent. komali has incredible talent. Her voice astonished me. Sailesh is able to educate us on any subject. His heart is pure gold. Meenakshi has grown to be a treasured pal. She is from a military background, and I made the movie Major.

Today, I can declare with pride that prashanthi and Nani's production company is by far the most sincere and welcoming. Due to a lack of producers, I experienced trauma before the premiere of the pictures. I used to get the best treatment from nani bro. I appreciate the support from the public for my six straight hits.

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