In the vaguely european village of Baltese, war has brought in clouds of sorrow. The formerly energetic community is now overcome by gloom, with few residents ready to hold out hope. Enter Peter (Noah Jupe), a young orphan who finds upon a tent one day. He encounters a fortune teller who speaks in riddles until she provides the key information he needs to embark on a quest to find his sister. Young Peter had hope after so many years of believing she is dead owing to an elephant.

Baltese, a town that resembles something of Europe, is currently experiencing a depressing wartime atmosphere. The formerly lively town is now wracked with melancholy, with few residents prepared to hold out hope. Here's Peter (Noah Jupe), a young orphan who one day comes to a tent. He comes into a fortune teller who speaks in riddles, but she eventually provides him with the information he needs to embark on an expedition in search of his sister, who has vanished. Young Peter has been convinced for so long that she is dead, but an elephant has given him hope.

The tale does not flow, which is the only significant flaw that can be identified. The Magician's Elephant is more like a collection of short stories that Peter hasn't quite connected together. Although the movie brilliantly depicts the misery of the elephant's condition, the elephant is more of a plot device than a stand-alone character. She and Peter's sister are only peripheral characters in Peter's narrative, not given enough chance to stand alone. For the majority of the movie, the titular magician is confined to a cell, and his storyline is similarly underdeveloped. The basic theme of "magic is possible if you believe" is not well portrayed, despite the writing being cute and emotional.

The Magician's Elephant is a fun sleight of hand trick in the end. Although one is unsure of what they will receive, they will still believe in it. All that can be expected from a movie like this is that. There is no grand spectacle, no impossible challenges for our hero to face. The Magician's Elephant is a simple family play that emphasises the importance of faith.

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