A waiter at a luxury hotel named krishna Das (Vishwak Sen) falls in love with Keerthi. (Nivetha Pethuraj). krishna poses as Dr. Sanjay Rudra to impress her as a wealthy man. krishna receives Keerthi's love in return, but she ends their relationship when she finds out he works as a waitress. But perhaps surprisingly, Das is chosen to represent a Rs 10,000 crore investment. What difficulties does Dass encounter? What is the origin of Sanjay Rudra, and how is he related to krishna Das? The focus of the narrative is on Das's response to these unforeseen events in his life.

Vishwak Sen transitions into Das' role with ease. He plays to his talents and maintains his distinctive humor, occasionally joining in with his pals Aadi and Mahesh. In movies, nivetha pethuraj exudes beauty and is talented in songs. Her job is not done yet. Although she rules the first half, her importance wanes in the important second half. She continues to inspire the main character.

The persona of rao ramesh is one-dimensional and has little to offer. I find the Sanjay family to be obnoxious, especially prithvi and Rajitha. They are greedy and emotionless. They serve only as fillers. As a mother who is paralyzed, rohini performs admirably and meets expectations.

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