Fans of India's biggest Superstar, prabhas Uppalapati, are dissatisfied with the director of his upcoming movie "Adipurush," which is scheduled for release on june 16, 2023, for reasons best known to them. And once more, for a legitimate reason, the supporters have started to troll him.

The movie Adipurush won't be released for another two months, yet there is now no talk about it anyplace. Adipurush, a film based on a retelling of the Ramayana, has received negative press for its mediocre graphics and unjustified portrayal of a few characters in some unexpected makeup and graphics-work. However, these major stars, like prabhas, require a good 15 days to make the buzz. Therefore, the producers must first convince prabhas fans that the movie will be a pleasure for them by releasing a fresh teaser. However, nothing of the sort is taking place.

Although the producers have set june 16th as the "pakka" date, there are still no song teasers, new trailers, or other promotional materials on the way to dazzle viewers and generate interest. Because of this, fans are actively making fun of the movie's creators and director Om Raut online right now. While the trolling initially only involved a limited amount of time on Ugadi Eve, it has since grown significantly on social media.

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