After a very long break, santhosh narayanan composes a telugu film that is directed. With his music and the supporting score, he gives the events a breath of life. His distinctive sound adds a layer of vibrancy to the events. dasara is a better offering on paper. One of the many elements is the music director. Brilliant cinematography by Santhyan Sooryan captures the rawness in all of its grandeur. 

It provides the perfect atmosphere for things to get going. The editing by naveen Nooli is well-done. The writing is good, highlighting the smaller details while taking into account regional tastes. Excellent action choreography highlights the interval and conclusion. The drama that ensues involves dharani and Vennela. The story doesn't contain any significant twists or surprises.

On their bond, the director concentrates. The script in this case is uneven; some scenes are just plain dull. The scenes that follow an excellent one are uninteresting. Finally, the drama builds to a thrilling climax that is managed throughout. Overall, dasara has excellent acts and visuals that make it worthwhile to watch. Go ahead and watch dasara if you enjoy unpolished, rural dramas and don't mind the speed and predictability.

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