Dasara, a movie by Nani, debuted today amidst a lot of anticipation. This movie has high hopes for the box office, and early screenings and premieres have generated positive buzz. dasara was predicted to perform well not only in the AP/TG area but also in the USA.

The mark for the largest premier opening in tier 2 heroes in the USA Premiers was set by Vijay Deverakonda's Liger, and Nani's dasara is currently on pace to earn 650K+ in premiers. Liger gathered 505K, and dasara will vastly surpass it and establish a new standard for Tier 2 Heroes. As evidenced by the consistently high box office receipts of his pictures, Nani's strength has always been the USA. With dasara, he has now recorded the largest premier number once more and established a new standard.

Dasara, which was directed by srikanth Odela, featured music by santhosh narayanan and photography by sathyan Sooryan ISC. The film's production designer is avinash Kolla, the director is Navin Nooli, and the executive producer is Vijay Chaganti. The film's director is sudhakar Cherukuri. The singareni coal mines near Ramagundam's Godavarikhani in telangana serve as the background for the movie.

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