OMG..! Vanitha's fourth time love..!?

Vanitha vijayakumar is famous among the fans for her show bigg boss which was aired on Vijay TV. She has faced many controversies in her personal life. It includes her married life. That means Vanitha was first married to actor Akash. But within a few years, they separated due to differences of opinion. After that, she got married a second time and divorced after a few years. Next, she was rumored to be dating dance maestro Robert Master. In this case, VijayTV showed her cooking skills in the show Cook with komali which was aired on Vijay TV. She also scored the title winner title. Following this, she started a YouTube channel to showcase her cooking skills.
Her assistant was Peter Paul. Vanitha vijayakumar married him for the third time in a Christian way, and he was already married. It caused a huge stir on YouTube. Vanitha broke up with him within a few months after that. However, last month, Peter Paul died after being hospitalized due to poor health. Vanitha has no regrets about this. In this case, Vanitha vijayakumar recently went to tirupati and got a darshan of Sami.
Then when she met the reporters, she dropped a new bombshell saying that by God's grace, she can fall in love with anyone. Apart from that, she also said that if that happens, she will make the right decision in her life. Not even a month after Peter Paul's death, fans are commenting on whether it is her 4th love.

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