Nikhil, a young telugu hero, is in a good mood following the huge success of karthikeya 2 across India. He currently has a number of pan-Indian initiatives scheduled. The disappearance of Netaji Subhash chandrabose and the ensuing mystery around it are the subjects of Nikhil's next movie, Spy. Then there is the recently revealed india House, a pre-Independence movie with a london setting.

He has just revealed a brand-new movie with a prehistoric army setting. Once again, this is a pan-Indian film. There is also karthikeya 3. On paper, this seems like the ideal schedule because it includes so many broadly appealing pan-Indian films. The problem, though, is that these films almost all fit into the same genre. They appeal to a bigger segment of indians and are primarily based on true events. This is a deliberate attempt to expand the market.

However, Nikhil runs the risk of being boring because all of his films have a very sombre appearance. Between these attempts at a pan-Indian narrative, there is no lighter or breather film. It will be interesting to watch how Nikhil approaches this specific difficulty. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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