They are still trying to trample me in the industry..!?

South hero siddharth is becoming a carafe address for the sensations. He who was in trouble for his comments in the past, got angry once again. hero siddharth, who is rooted in tollywood with films like Bommarillu... has hit a series of film offers here. Not only that, at the time when he thought he was going to reach the ranks of star heroes in tollywood, he talked madly about tollywood and distanced himself from the telugu industry. Here, siddharth has done without any real offers. Recently, this hero is getting opportunities again in Telugu.

Siddharth's latest film Takker is ready for release on june 9 in telugu and tamil languages. In this context, large-scale promotion programs are being conducted. In this sequence, siddharth once again spoke excitedly as if he had participated in an interview. He made sensational comments that many in the industry had conspired against him. He made sensational comments saying that attempts are being made to trample him.

But his telugu movies like bommarillu, and Thu Vastavante Nenoddantana, played in theaters on a large scale. Not to mention that the awards also came. Not only that, the movie bommarillu got 14 Nandi awards, but he did not get a single award while the movie got 11 Nandi awards in various categories. Not only that, siddharth said that some people did this to trample him. At that time, siddharth said that some people deliberately prevented him from getting this award and there were also attempts to trample him in the industry. Sidhu is currently trying to make a comeback in Telugu.

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