Actress Shafaq Naz has been a part of the tv industry for a long time. Fans like his acting. Shafak has done

many shows like Chidiya Ghar, Mahabharat, Sapna Babul Ka-Bidaai, Sanskar Lakshmi. Now she will be seen

in the documentary series Dancing on the Grave.

Talking about this series in a conversation with Tele Chakkar, he said, I like watching docu series. I am a big

fan. These are always international. We don’t have very good documentary series in India. We are new to this.

This is very different. When I went to the set and I read the script, I had lines to speak. Shooting this is very


She further said, When I met the director, I told him that I want the script. I wanted to know the story. He told

me that he did not have the script. I said okay but then how will we shoot. He said that he will narrate the scene

to me. For an actor, we know there is a script, we improvise the scene but not the entire scene. He further said,

It was very difficult. I didn't want to say anything stupid because there were a lot of people on the set. We did

and it was very interesting. It was a theater like experience. It was shot in a very different way. Most of the

scenes were shot in one take. We rehearsed a lot. I would like to be a part of the docu series in future also.

Shafak Naaz reacted regarding roles

Apart from this, while talking about his roles, Shafak said, I never thought about my graph and how to role. But

this thing is in my mind that I no longer want to do the same roles which I had done earlier. When I did

Mahabharat, I started getting offers for the role of mother. I was 20 years old. I was shocked. Mahabharata took

place in a completely different situation and there is no comparison with that show. I was like I don't want to do

this. How can I play the role of a mother at the age of 20? I don't look like my mother. I refused all the role

offers. Just 20 to 25 days after wrapping up Mahabharata, I got the offer of Zoo and it was completely different.

Now I try not to repeat roles. What I did in Ghum Hai was completely different. He was not a typical character.

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