Drama queen rakhi sawant has now arrived at her husband's hometown Mysore. Here's his pari that came with Sakala Baja Bajantri through JCB. Drama queen actress rakhi sawant has been in the news for the past few days. The story of Adil Khan Durrani's marriage is more interesting than the movie. Adil Khan, a young man from mysore, refused marriage, Rakhi went wild, and finally Adil accepted the marriage, everything was no different from any movie story. Even when everything ends happily, Adil cheats on them, assaults them, has an illicit relationship with another woman, and converts to islam for Adil's sake. Rakhi, who had accused me of accepting islam and marrying Adil, finally complained. As a result, an FIR was registered against Adil Khan Durrani and he went to jail, and after his release, it is well known that they held a press conference accusing each other. Rakhi Sawant's husband Adil Khan Durrani is from Mysore. Now the mother-in-law has come home even though Rakhi is betting that she will be away from her husband. If they had come like that, they would not have been in the news. Instead they arrived at JCB! Yes. rakhi sawant made a grand entry in JCB with Baja Bajantri. This video is going viral with the title that only Rakhi can do this dare. Earlier, Rakhi had accused Adil's mother in mysore of not inviting her into the house. Now we have to wait and see who will be accused.

Meanwhile, Adil Khan made further accusations against Rakhi and I entered her as her sixth husband. She is looking for the seventh person leaving me too. What she wants is not men, but their money. Rakhi is not averse to killing those who oppose her. She wanted to kill me too and can prove it. She said that she also killed her ex-husband Ritesh.

Before this, Rakhi, who had claimed to be Fatima from Rakhi as Madwa, went to Mecca-Madina and performed Umrah and returned. They said they were holy and no man should touch them. Amidst all this, many are saying that she is a psychopath and suffering from mental problems.

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