Balakrishna is currently in full form. Recently he had another success with 'Bhagavanth Kesari'. balayya is the hero with the highest success rate among the present tollywood senior heroes. Actually balayya was in a lot of trouble before 'Akhanda'. Balayya's market is completely down as all the films that came before akhanda were back to back flops. In the end, he reduced the remuneration to half.

 At such a time, he teamed up with boyapati and gave a huge comeback with 'Akhanda'. akhanda, which was released during the lockdown period, became a blockbuster hit and received the highest grosser in Balayya's career. Moreover, it has been successfully screened for 50 days in theatres but in some centers it will complete a hundred days simultaneously. After that he got another hit with 'Veera simha Reddy'. This movie came to the audience as a sankranti gift earlier this year. 

Despite the huge competition in the sankranti ring, the film was screened in theatres for more than four weeks and collected more than Rs.100 crores. So in the last two years, the balayya market has grown hugely with back to back hits. Besides that, many directors are coming forward to make a film with him. After 'Akhanda' and 'Veerasimha Reddy' back to back, balayya got a hat-trick hit with his recent release 'Bhagavanth Kesari'. The film which hit the screens on october 19 on the occasion of dussehra is still doing well with decent collections. 

Even after 5 weeks of release, the movie is still running successfully. Recently, the makers have not announced the OTT release as this movie has entered the sixth week and received good shares. anil ravipudi completely changed his making style with this movie. 'Bhagavanth Kesari' was an undisputed success at the box office with balayya acting in a role below his age. It is remarkable that the family audience is showing more interest in watching this balakrishna starrer movie after a long time.

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