Dhruvanakshatram movie was announced ten years ago. Earlier director gautham Menon wanted to make this film with Suriya as the hero. But he had to choose vikram because he couldn't deal with him. Due to various reasons, the production of this film also started late. gautham started the film in 2017 and completed most of it in less than a year. But because his production company got involved in financial disputes, all the films of gautham stopped somewhere.

Three and four projects are in limbo. He somehow managed to bring out a film with dhanush but  'Dhruvanakshatram' was stalled. Another film produced by him named 'Narakasura' got stuck. Leaving it aside, trying hard to get 'Dhruvanakshatra' out, it is not possible. The producer gave a crazy update gautham has finally prepared this movie for release. He also announced the release date of november 24. 

 After completing the non-theatrical deals, he said that he is looking to clear all the finance issues of this film and release the film on november 24 anyway. But according to kollywood media sources, Gautham's efforts are not being tried. Still the wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital and satellite rights deals are not settled. gautham has no money. It is said that it will be difficult for the film to release this week as there are only four days left for the release. The release date has been given but many people have doubts about it. That's why even hero vikram didn't promote the movie.

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