The danger that came to the title of lady superstar..!?

In the early stages, Nayanthara acted like a typical heroine, singing duets and appearing in a few scenes. But after a period of time, she chose the stories for herself and became the heroine of the story. That gave her success and earned her the label Lady Superstar. Since then, Nayan comes to mind when there are stories centered around women. To that extent, he fits the characters perfectly. Because of that, she raised her salary to match that of a hero and insisted that she would not come for promotion. But now her Lady Superstar title is at stake.
Recently, apart from the film Jawaan, which she acted in, none of the other films have been successful. That is why she has started appearing in promotional events to maintain her position. Accordingly, she recently attended the premiere show of Annapoorani in which she acted and promoted the film. Not only that, she also surprised by organizing a fan meet and serving biryani at it. Nayan usually does not participate in any event like this. After seeing the series of failures, Nayan, who was upset to retain her title of Lady Superstar, is now unable to say no to promotions related to the film.

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