Did dipika kakar accept islam before marrying? 

Deepika Kakkar and shoaib ibrahim are one of the most popular couples of TV. Both of them look so much in love together that fans cannot stop themselves from showering love on them. deepika and Shoaib got married in 2018. Last year, after 5 years of marriage, the couple became parents of a son. At the time of marriage, there were many reports about deepika that the actress had accepted islam to marry Shoaib. Now after so many years, the actress has broken her silence on this.

Has deepika accepted Islam?

Deepika Kakkar has broken her silence regarding her religious conversion and told the truth. deepika has admitted that she has accepted islam but she does not want to tell about when and why she did so.

Deepika has accepted Islam

Deepika said in an interview given to ETimes- 'Yes, I have accepted Islam. But it should not matter to anyone when and why I accepted Islam. This is a very personal matter of mine and I do not want to talk about it so openly in front of the media.

This name was changed from Deepika

Deepika has said that she is very proud and happy with her decision. She does not want to hurt anyone's sentiments. After accepting islam, deepika also changed her name and changed her name to Faiza. Although even today she is known by the name of Deepika.

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