Vijay Antony's action is the cause of his daughter Meera's suicide! Suzy caused a stir!

Suchitra, who has been creating a sensation by talking about many celebrities for the past one week, has created a sensation by talking about the reason for the suicide of Vijay Antony's daughter meera in an interview she has given.

Suchitra is taking the social media by storm by posting intimate photos of famous actors and actresses through Suzy Leaks. Following this, it is said that he has been undergoing treatment for depression, but last two years ago, he participated in the bigg boss show and played as a contestant. While many expected to get a lot of controversial content through him, everyone's expectations were disappointed.

Currently, he has started a YouTube channel and is creating a sensation by releasing many information on it. Suchitra, who was talking about the Susi leaks, said that all of them were photos shared on social media to make a prank and I was the victim. Suchitra claimed that the main reason for this was her ex-husband karthik kumar and Dhanush.

He said that celebrities like Anirudh, trisha and others are also involved in this alliance. He said that all the photos that appeared in Suzy Leagues were sent by the actresses themselves.

Saying that Bailwan Ranganathan had taken money from karthik kumar and dhanush and kept criticizing her, at one point she became very angry and directly attacked Bailwan in the interview saying that you should commit suicide and die or else they will beat you to death. Is he normal or something else? Is there a problem? It made the viewers think.


Balwan Ranganathan also created a stir by releasing an audio where karthik kumar responded to Suzy's gay allegations. In this interview, Suchitra also shared information about her new life, husband and mother-in-law.

Vijay Antony

While the excitement of the first interview has not yet subsided, in another interview... music composer and actor Vijay Antony's daughter committed suicide last September, and has shocked many by talking about it.

Vijay Antony has done plastic surgery to make himself very stylish to play hero in movies. He looks attractive. Similarly, meera wanted to change her appearance by doing plastic surgery. vijay antony has also said this many times.

Whenever meera asks, vijay antony mentions the names of a few countries and reassures her that she will definitely go there and get plastic surgery done. As meera kept asking about this many times when she was not even 18 years old, one day Vijay threw the plate that Antony was eating in anger and said that plastic surgery cannot be done and left. Suchitra has said in this interview that Mira committed suicide because of Vijay Antony's speech. While many of the information that Suchitra is talking about are unbelievable, let's wait and see what kind of response we get from Vijay Antony's side.

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