The UK has been a significant international market for hindi films during the last ten years. The path from £100k for Do Raaste in 1970 to blockbuster heights like £4 million obtained by Pathaan in 2023 exemplifies the growth of the UK market for indian films. With several hits and achievements, Shah Rukh Khan's strongest market is said to be the UK. In the UK, Jawan earned more over £3 million, second only to Pathaan.

The focus is now on prabhas, whose next movie kalki 2898 AD is expected to dominate the UK telugu cinema industry. Prabhas' growing star power in the UK is evident from the film's pre-sales, which are among the highest for any indian movie in the UK within the first 24 hours of ticket sales. Anticipation is strong as kalki 2898 AD gets closer to its UK debut; preliminary reports indicate a fantastic start, with almost 9500 tickets sold thus far.
With an astounding £1.82 million in revenue, Baahubali 2 is the highest grossing telugu film, followed by rrr with £1.03 million. With a total of £0.620 million, Prabhas's last film, Salaar, was highly successful but fell short of setting records. With kalki 2898 AD, all eyes will be on prabhas to see whether he can break the coveted £1 million milestone.

Prabhas would become the first telugu hero to do it without the help of the SS rajamouli brand, which would be an incredible accomplishment. Everything is in place for kalki 2898 AD to have a huge effect and establish Prabhas' dominance in Shah Rukh Khan's sphere of influence—the UK box office.

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