Crazy director sandeep Reddy Vanga captivated the nation at the end of 2023 with his film "Animal." Renowned for his intense and aggressive movies, Vanga's heroes have cultivated a unique fanbase, often sparking heated debates among the public. After delivering three blockbuster movies, this talented filmmaker is now preparing the script for "Spirit," which will feature prabhas in the lead role. The project "Spirit" was announced long ago, with sandeep Reddy Vanga himself confirming that prabhas will portray a sincere police officer in the movie. This marks the first time prabhas will don a police uniform in his career. Fans are eagerly anticipating the unique blend of a sandeep Reddy Vanga-style police officer combined with Prabhas' commanding screen presence.There's speculation circulating that prabhas will portray a powerful mafia don in "Spirit," deviating from earlier indications of him playing a sincere police officer. Reports suggest prabhas will showcase two distinct looks, with one being rugged and intense. This ambiguity has left fans and audiences curious about whether he will indeed play both roles or if there's another twist in store. Despite around 80% of the script being completed, official announcements regarding the storyline are awaited. The project is slated to be a grand affair with a budget estimated at approximately 300 crores. Stay tuned for further updates as the mystery surrounding Prabhas' role unfolds.

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