The great telugu poet Srirangam srinivas Rao (Sri Sri), author of the novel "Maha Prasthanam" (Great March), recited a summary of the communist manifesto when he visited the recently constructed American Consulate after arriving in the city. Eric, who is visiting the city for the first time, gave a 30-minute speech to the media during which he recited Sri Sri's telugu poetry "Maro Prapancham, Maro Prpancham Pilichindi! Padandi Thosuku, Padandi Munduku "Pi Paiki, Podam Podam." This is a way of saying, "Let's move forward, let's propel forward," because "another world is calling (us)."

Curiously, the leftists in the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Odisha, with whom the US Consulate in hyderabad deals, find Eric's action of reading out the first few lines of the poem to be of great significance. The US Consulate in hyderabad was opened at the same time as the USA is commemorating its 246th anniversary of Independence in june of this year.

A few audience members in the media conference room at T-Hub applauded the Ambassador as she recited the poem's opening words in Telugu. An all-smiles US Ambassador reacted, highlighting the value of community connections, when a scribe pointed out that the poetry of sri sri has a communist slant.

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