"The way our wrestlers and women were treated on May 28 is shocking," said former indian cricket team captain Anil Kumble. In this regard, he said on his twitter page, "The way our wrestlers and women were treated on May 28 is shocking. Any problem can be resolved through proper negotiation. I hope this issue will be resolved soon."

Earlier, during the opening of the new parliament building as announced on May 28, wrestlers and members of the farmers' union tried to stage a protest near the new parliament building. There was a lot of tension as they tried to enter the area by breaking the iron barricades and barbed wire fences erected by the police. women wrestlers Vinesh Phogat, Saksh Malik and wrestler Bajrang Punia were stopped and arrested by the police.

Photos and videos of them being forcibly dragged away by the police and arrested went viral on social media. Many expressed their condemnation. Now speaking to the wrestlers who came up and threw their medals into the river ganges as part of their protest, the local farmers promised to resolve the issue by buying the medals from them.

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