The ineffective reign of the YSRCP administration has been called to an end by BRS andhra pradesh President Dr. thota Chandrasekhar. During a meeting at the BRS camp office in hyderabad on Sunday, when YSRCP leaders from various districts joined the BRS under the leadership of thota Subbarao and Jale Vasudeva Naidu, he criticised the government's unilateral and anti-people policies.

Speaking to the crowd, chandrasekhar drew attention to the YSRCP regime's four-year slide in growth, which he said started with the demolition of a number of homes. He voiced worry about andhra pradesh residents' misunderstanding over their state capital. He said that instead of actively serving the people, ap chief minister jagan mohan reddy-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ys jagan mohan reddy has burdened the State with an incredible amount of debt.

He also emphasised the striking difference between the dismal circumstances in andhra pradesh and the quick development of Telangana, which broke away from andhra pradesh, led by chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao. Many individuals in andhra pradesh have decided to support the BRS as a result of the rising unhappiness with the present YSRCP administration. watch out this space for more updates in this same regard.

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