On tuesday morning, a devotee passed away on the grounds of the Sri Rajarajeshwara Swamy temple in Vemulawada. lakshmi, who was sleeping in an open area in front of the temple with her family, was discovered dead the next morning; there were signs that she had suffered a heart attack in her sleep.

Lakshmi, a resident of lingapur in the karimnagar district's Manakondur mandal, went to the temple on monday with her family. Due to the high volume of people seeking darshan of the presiding god, many slept outside during the night. When the family members awoke on tuesday, they discovered lakshmi had passed away. The employees of the Vemulawada temple responded quickly and verified the death, which was thought to be the result of a heart attack.

The quantity of clotting in the arteries of Covid-19 heart attack patients was substantial both before and after intervention, according to research. According to the research of The North American COVID-19 STEMI (NACMI), it is significant because clots were identified in several arteries in close to 30% of patients, a characteristic reported in less than 5% of patients with heart attacks who do not have Covid-19.

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