YCP minister Vishwaroop was taken to a mumbai hospital. He is being treated in a famous hospital there. This is the second time Vishwarup has fallen ill in recent times. It seems that the family members rushed him to a mumbai hospital after he was diagnosed with heart-related problems.

He recently fell ill while participating in the death anniversary programs of YSR. On that day, he was immediately treated at a hospital in rajahmundry and then shifted to Hyderabad. After recovery, he was discharged and is performing his duties. But now it is said that his health has turned again.

Meanwhile, the doctors found that Vishwaroop was suffering from a neuro problem. At the same time, he is also said to have heart-related problems. It is said that he was shifted to mumbai for better treatment. Meanwhile, Vishwaroop had previously served as an mla on behalf of the congress and also served as a minister in the ysr cabinet of Negi. jagan has given the post of minister to Vishwarup who won the 2019 election from the east godavari district. Even in the expansion, he continued Jagan. Vishwaroop Soumy, who is currently running the Transport Department, is known for being gentle. Agitators set fire to Vishwaroop's house in Amalapuram over the tone of the protest by some people demanding that Konaseema district should not be named after Ambedkar. He was also upset over that incident.

At that time, jagan consulted about Vishwarup's health condition and gave suitable suggestions. But now it seems that rest is necessary. There is also a discussion about whether he will rest for a few days after receiving treatment at a mumbai hospital.

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