The special session of parliament has started from today. On the first day of this session, Aam Aadmi Party

leader sanjay singh said that it is good that this session is historic. We all want the new parliament to have a

good start. PM, we are going to inaugurate the new House, but it is not a good thing if prime minister Modi

speaks the language targeting the opposition.

He himself cries the most

PM narendra modi is saying that there is no need to cry. He himself is known as the PM who cried the most

in the history of India. The PM himself has done the work of crying. If he is speaking for himself then it is

good. Lakhs of people died in Corona. Today his family members come here and cry. people cried after

implementation of GST.

There are a lot of memories related to the old parliament House.

Sanjay Singh said that as far as the rajya sabha and lok sabha of the old parliament House are concerned,

many historical events are associated with it. Both the houses have been witnesses to many incidents. There

are many memories related to this. Now is the time for a fresh start in a new house. india is the world's largest

democracy. Together we will make a new beginning.

There should be discussion on this issue

Aam Aadmi party leader and suspended rajya sabha MP sanjay singh said that Manipur, Nuh and Adani

should be discussed during the special session. The caste census should be discussed in the parliament in the

new parliament House. The government should strengthen the world’s largest democracy in the new

Parliament. We have opposed the bill related to the appointment of election commissioners. Sanjay Singh

further gave advice to bjp and said that the government should work in the new parliament with new


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