The Milad un Nabi parade in hyderabad was previously questionable, but now everything is being prepared. Concerned persons recently visited Hyderabad's ancient city to assess the preparations. The Markazi Milad Juloos Committee crew carried out inspections from Falaknuma to charminar on thursday night. In hyderabad, a platform will once again be built up next to the Makkah Masjid where all Milad un Nabi processions from different sections of the city would congregate.

Markazi Milad Juloos Committee aims for peaceful procession

Speaking to the media, a committee spokesperson revealed that a team from the committee and the ghmc team jointly inspected the regions between Engine Bowli and Charminar. It has been reported that preparations for the Milad un Nabi parade in hyderabad have started, and that every effort is being made to ensure that it would be peaceful and that attendees will have access to all necessary amenities.

The Milad un Nabi parade will take place in the city on october 1 according to an earlier decision made by the Markazi Milad Juloos Committee. The Ganesh Visarjan in the city is set for september 28, thus the date was shifted to october 1 even though it is typically conducted on Rabi' al-awwal 12, which falls on september 28 this year. The choice to avoid any potential commotion that may result from hosting two processions on the same day was decided.

Milad un Nabi procession will pass through many areas in Hyderabad
The procession will begin at noon from Makkah Masjid, as agreed upon by the Markazi Milad Juloos Committee, which is made up of numerous Sufi groups, dargahs, and religious personalities. Before coming to an end at Moghalpura in time for Asr prayers, it will pass by a number of historically significant locations in hyderabad, including the charminar, gulzar Houz, Pathergatti, Chatta Bazaar, Purani Haveli, Etebar Chowk, and Bibi Bazaar.

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