The last time is going on for the assembly elections in Rajasthan. The code of conduct will also be implemented

in a few weeks. In such a situation, political parties are spreading propaganda at their own level. Now the

administration and police have also started preparations. In such a situation, the police and administration have

made a plan as to what the system will be like for the assembly elections and before that in udaipur and the

border area of Udaipur. In this, it has been explained how law and order will be maintained from the city to the

border areas. Besides, meetings are being organized continuously between police and administration.

Security arrangements will remain like this in Udaipur

udaipur district shares the gujarat border. Also, if we talk about the districts of Rajasthan, it borders Chittorgarh,

Rajsamand, Pratapgarh, Dungarpur and Banswara. Check posts will be installed on these borders. CCTV

cameras and home guards along with police will be deployed at the check post. Besides, mobile parties will also

be deployed for surveillance in which 5 policemen will be deployed.

CAPF platoon will be deployed

Strict arrangements will be made for the security of EVMs. In this, CAPF platoon will be deployed at the strong

room, collection center, dispatch center and counting center. Besides, police and home guards will be deployed

for the security of observers, candidates and election officials related to the election.

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