Additional Chief Secretary of the department kk Pathak is tight to improve the education system in Bihar. There

is also full attention on how to increase the attendance of teachers and children. Action is also being taken

against negligence. kk Pathak himself is visiting government schools in the districts. Salaries of careless

employees or teachers are also being cut. Amidst all this, election strategist prashant kishor has issued a

statement on friday (September 22) raising questions on the education system. PK is traveling on foot in


prashant kishor said that currently the efforts of the government are that the officials are making the teachers sit

in the schools, even if the teachers sit in the schools then how will you force them to teach? However, in the

statement PK did not take the name of kk Pathak or any officer. There is no arrangement for the teacher to stay

in the village, there is no arrangement for treatment if his own child falls ill, so how will he stay there? In both

education and health sectors, it would be better if you open only two schools or hospitals, but run them well.

The education budget in bihar is Rs 40 thousand crores.

Regarding improvements in the field of education and health, PK said that at least 3 to 5 world class institutions

should be created in every block. Instead of this, you have created a 25, 30, 40 system, where you are only

distributing khichdi and making people steal. We are spending this money, it is not that bihar government is not

spending this money. The education budget in bihar is Rs 40 thousand crores and you see the condition of the

schools to see what is happening.

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