Narendra Tomar, Prahlad patel and Kailash Vijayvargiya have been considered arch rivals of Madhya

Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. The names of all three have been in discussion many times

regarding the Chief Minister’s chair. The way bjp has included the names of these leaders in the second list,

the suspense regarding the Chief Minister’s face seems to be deepening. Big bjp leaders are refraining from

speaking because of the Chief Minister’s face. Shivraj Singh Chauhan himself has also maintained silence.

After the second list of bjp, two types of questions are being asked about the Chief Minister.

First, will any of these faces become the chief minister after the elections? The second question is also

important. Even in the bengal elections, bjp had fielded 5 of its MPs, out of which 3 lost the elections,

while 2 were successful in winning. However, after the government was not formed, bjp asked both the

MPs to resign from the assembly seats, after which assembly elections were held again on those seats.

In madhya pradesh too, the same question is being asked the most that if these leaders do not get a bigger

role after winning the mla election, will they remain in the field or will they resign like West Bengal?

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