The september 27 opening of the LuLu Mall in Hyderabad's kukatpally has resulted in significant traffic jams around the city. Since the mall's doors have been open to the public, an increase in tourists has caused congestion on the streets of kukatpally, Balanagar, and the Y junction. The congested area was made worse by a long weekend.

Many individuals used X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their experiences with the severe traffic jams caused by the LuLu Mall craze in Hyderabad. The mall itself had scenes like stampedes, with enormous lines at the check-out counters and officials having a difficult time controlling the mob.
Escalators within the mall reportedly stopped operating as a result of congestion. On social media, several individuals reported it took them two to three hours to go on just one hour's worth of trip. A person posted on X, tagging hyderabad Police, "NH65 is experiencing super high traffic due to LULU mall opening." from pillar A906 of the subway to pillar A71. Additionally, the employees at LULU Mall is unable to control the extremely packed parking.

Sharing visuals from the inside of the mall, another user wrote, “Stampede like scenes at Lulu Mall, Hyderabad. Bad decision to visit on a Sunday. Wasted 5 hours, stuck in traffic, waited for food for almost 1 hour and didn’t even purchase anything because of long lines. Plus the heat omg! Horrible experience.”

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