Before the rajasthan Assembly elections, many new and old people are joining the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Before joining BJP, Devi Singh Bhati was continuously demanding to declare vasundhara raje as the cm face,

however now his tone seems to have changed. Former minister Devi Singh Bhati, who joined BJP, reached

Barmer. While he said that the party is not declaring the cm face in any state in the elections, I felt that former

cm vasundhara raje is getting full support from the central leadership. In such a situation, I felt that in future

also he will be kept in every kind of decisive role and his cooperation will be taken.

Devi Singh Bhati, targeting the ruling congress of rajasthan, said, congress will not be able to win more than

10 seats. Let us tell you that Devi Singh Bhati had come to attend the Shraddha program of late Bhamashah of

Barmer Tan Singh Chauhan on 2nd October. Former minister Devi Singh Bhati said, I had raised some issues

during the lok sabha elections 5 years ago. At that time we had differences among ourselves (Union Minister

Arjunram Meghwal). After leaving the party, I remained independent, after which talks took place with the BJP

organization. During this time, talks were also held with Union minister Arjun ram Meghwal.

'BJP workers have been recharged

The central leadership assured to play a decisive role in the event of any dispute in future. Regarding joining

BJP, Devi Singh Bhati said, Instructions came from the central leadership that whoever wants to join the party,

join them all. Perhaps he thought it appropriate for me also and told me, after which I took the membership.

Devi Singh Bhati said that after joining BJP, I went to many areas including Jaipur, Bikaner, Sikar, Osiya,

Barmer, and I found that there was enthusiasm among the people. This makes me feel that our workers have

been recharged. All the workers are happy. He said that if angry brothers are made to sit on the same mat at a

wedding, the atmosphere becomes good.

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