Bahujan Samaj party chief mayawati today declared akash Anand as her successor among the party officials in

her office in lucknow on sunday (10 December). akash Anand, who became active in the party 6 years ago, is

the son of Mayawati’s younger brother anand Kumar. akash Anand was introduced face to face by mayawati in

a rally in the year 2017. Since then, akash Anand remained continuously active in different elections. The

activism that started with the 2017 UP assembly elections was also visible in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. So,

he was seen quite active in the 2022 assembly elections of UP. akash Anand had a lot of responsibilities for the

party in the recent elections held in different states, but Bahujan Samaj party could not get much benefit from his


Who is akash Anand?

Akash anand was the national coordinator of Bahujan Samaj party before being declared the successor of BSP

today. akash is the son of Mayawati's younger brother anand Kumar. He has obtained an MBA degree from

London and in the year 2017, mayawati had launched akash in a rally and indicated to be active in party

activities. akash was recently married to Pragya. Pragya is the daughter of BSP leader Ashok Siddharth. Akash

is also very active on social media. He has about 2 lakh followers on Twitter, 52 thousand followers on

Facebook and more than 37 thousand followers on Instagram.

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