How did the Chinese citizen become a companion on the road?

According to the charge sheet, Manoranjan has admitted that he knew Li Rong and he met him for the first time in 2011 in a gym in Mysore. During the investigation, Manoranjan told that the purpose of his trip to Ladakh in 2011 was to meet an activist there, but that meeting was not very successful.

Meanwhile, another revelation is made in the charge sheet which is quite shocking. During the investigation, Manoranjan told that in 2011 he met another person in a gym in mysore who now works in the Bureau of Immigration. When this person was called for questioning by the investigating agencies, he admitted that Manoranjan had sought information from him about the security of the Parliament. In the charge sheet, the police told that the Chinese citizen Li Rong, who has been mentioned in the memoir, had left india in 2016 and there is no trace of him after that.

Breached parliament security to get media attention

It is mentioned in the chargesheet that Manoranjan shared his plan with other colleagues that if they create chaos and disruption in parliament, it will get them media attention. Apart from Manoranjan, Sagar Sharma, Anmol Shinde, Lalit Jha, Mahesh Kumawat and Neelam Ranoliya have been made accused in this chargesheet. Among these, Manoranjan and Sagar Sharma jumped from the visitors gallery in Parliament. Neelam and Anmol opened smoke cans and raised slogans outside the new Parliament. A facebook page 'Bhagat Singh Fan Page' has also been mentioned in the chargesheet, about which it is said that Mahesh Kumawat contacted Neelam through this page.

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