New things in the new assembly.. Did you notice these interesting twists...?

 Trivial matters have become the pillars of the new assembly in AP. After the victory of the alliance, the assembly met on friday to take the oath of the members. Protem Speaker will take oath with 174 members for two days. However.. unlike last time Pawan Kalyan will not become a special attraction in the assembly this time. Elected on behalf of Janasena, he is stepping into the house for the first time.Also, in the last two years, YCP members were attacked. The then leader of the opposition and the present cm Chandrababu said that he will not be in the Kaurava Sabha. As expected.. this time in the election, his alliance won a big victory. Darimila Chandrababu is taking steps with great joy.

BJP, which had no real representation in the assembly in the last five years, got 8 MLAs this time. With this, the BJP has set a record as the party entering the assembly after a long break. is noteworthy that so many members did not join that party in the past.

After the bifurcation of AP.. the ycp leader who went to the assembly with 67 seats in the first election held in 2014.. came to 2019 and entered the assembly with 151 members. However.. now the same party.. is limited to only 11 seats.. in the assembly where it had a hard step until yesterday, Bikkubiku Mantu.. has formed the core in the last row.

 For the first time, the people chose the assembly without the firebrand.

 It is noteworthy that people like nadendla manohar and Satyakumar, who give priority to constructive discussions, are stepping into the assembly.

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