Shakeela's sensational allegations on BB contestants..!?

Shakeela washed everyone including Geetu Royal. It is known that yesteryear romantic heroine Shakila participated in bigg boss telugu 7. She was eliminated after two weeks. On this occasion, she made sensational allegations against the housemates. Shakila once did many vamp roles and romantic films. emerged as a star. But after that, it started going down. She stayed away from films for years. In this background, she wants to make a fuss on the silver screen once again and create a clean image for herself. She has already done family shows and cooking shows in other languages. Now she has come to the telugu bigg boss house. shakeela participated as a contestant in the 7th season of bigg boss Telugu. Shakila says that she wants to be known as a mother. As such, she acted like a mother. Otherwise, it was limited to sitting and chatting. Intermittent entertainment was not enough and the audience did not appreciate it. With this, she was sent from the house. She was eliminated in the second week. But nagarjuna got emotional saying that she did not think that she would come out of the house so soon. After that, she opened up about the real issues in the bigg boss Buzz program. Geetu Royal, who is acting as an anchor, boldly denounced Shakila. At the same time, Shakila was also on fire. The people in the house revealed their true selves. Questions like is she real in the house? Is she fake? were asked. They said that she did not plan anything, she came when bigg boss called. Shakila spoke about each of them on this occasion. She said that Shobha Shetty was wearing a mask. Amardeep couldn't stand anything. Talking about prince Yavar, Shakila made a bold comment that he is a big man. She said that she feels that she can reach the heights with just her body and it is very difficult to grow like that. She also made shocking comments about Pallavi Prashanth. Revealed that he has a bloody wrong attitude. She made sensational allegations that he came with his sandals on the first day he came, on the second day he put his sandals away, on the third day he raised his leg, and on the fourth day he was playing house with his foot on his leg. She said that he was addicted to a drug called popularity. Talking about Rathika, she accuses her of being a beautiful snake, if she makes eye contact, she will get caught and will not date anyone. This newly released promo will be popular. And let's see what kind of hot comments and sensational things will be said in the full episode.

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