Plane crash on the terrace of the house...!?

Jharkhand Plane accident Video: A 14-year-old passenger and the pilot were seriously injured when a tourist plane crashed into a residential building in Jharkhand. In Jharkhand's dhanbad district, a small plane used for local tourism crashed into a residential building shortly after takeoff, injuring the pilot and a 14-year-old passenger. The glider-type aircraft has taken off from Parwada air Base in Jharkhand's dhanbad and crashed into a house which was 500 meters away. Officials said that the accident may have happened due to a technical fault and the cause of the accident will be known only after due investigation. Footage from the crash site shows the plane smashed into a concrete pillar of a house. The pilot and passenger seating area was damaged by a collision between the pillar. Also, the accident was recorded on the camera on the plane. This video is out now.

No one in his family was hurt and his two children who were playing inside the house escaped, said Nilesh Kumar, the owner of the house where the plane crashed. The injured passenger hails from Patna. He arrived at his relative's house in the dhanbad district and decided to take a glider flight to see the city from the plane. This service is run by a well known private company. Only two people are allowed in this glider service namely the pilot and one passenger.

This glider service was started for the people of dhanbad to enjoy the city from the air for entertainment. Following the incident, air travel in the city has now been suspended.

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