Warning Board in Bengaluru to Not Pick Flowers..?

As a lesson instilled in us since childhood, picking flowers might not be regarded as a good habit. But when people see the allure of tastefully placed public flowers, self-interest frequently takes over. As a result, warnings against flower plucking are frequently issued by authorities, which makes them commonplace. A user by the name of 'X' recently encountered one of these warning signs, but it was anything but typical. In fact, it gave picking flowers a rather unsettling twist that will make you want to hide your smile.

An image of a cautionary sign tucked among a row of flowers was posted on the microblogging website by a user going by the handle @KismiBar. Please do not pick flowers...we are watching, read the sign. If you are caught picking flowers while grinning, you will be fined INR 500. 

The caption for the picture read, "The creepiest notice board ever!!" It does indeed match the description!

But it seems that Bengaluru has a thing for these odd warning signs. A similar rule-filled notice was recently spotted in a park in Bengaluru. This sign, put up by the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), stated that park visitors were not allowed to run or jog inside the park's boundaries. The third rule—"No Anti-clockwise walking"—was noticed, the sign appeared to be quite ordinary. When used in parks and on circular walkways, anticlockwise walking entails moving in the opposite direction to avoid obstructions and potential collisions. It appeared that the sign was encouraging people to walk in a straight line.

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