Ashoka Vanaamlo arjuna Kalyaanam, starring Vishwak Sen, is finally coming to enchant us on May 6. Prior to the film's release, the filmmakers hosted a grandiose pre-release gala in Khammam. The entire AVAK crew, including Vishwak Sen and rukhsar Dhillon, were in attendance. During the ceremony, Vishwak Sen spoke from his heart. He eloquently compared the main character, 'Allam arjun Kumar,' to modern youngsters who suffer from humiliation and pressures from everyone around them.

He is convinced that the audience will remember this character for a long time, and that ravi Kiran Kola's writing will be one of the key highlights. He pleasantly conversed with the crowd on stage and shared many interesting topics with them. vidya sagar Chinta directs Ashoka Vanamlo arjuna Kalyanam. The film's star cast includes Vishwak Sen, Rukshar Dillon, and Rithika.

Now, in this case, HIT 2 has adivi sesh replacing Vishwak Sen and regarding the same, Vishwak Sen said, "I was shocked to miss the franchise and I wanted the movie in my life. But I have to give up due to scheduling conflicts and other reasons and I hope at least on part 3 I will be making a comeback."

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