NTR's property value is jaw-dropping yet less..!?

Junior ntr, whose real name is tarak, is a prolific actor and the grandson of former andhra pradesh Chief minister NT Rama. He is not only a film hero but also a kuchipudi dancer and playback singer. He made his debut as a child star and is the leading hero of telugu cinema. He is a leading hero in telugu cinema and is loved by South indian cinema fans. He became the favorite actor of all indian fans through director Rajamouli's rrr movie. Currently, this film in which he acted has won an oscar award. hollywood directors are shocked after seeing the opening scene of this film.
After his oscar win, Jr. ntr is preparing up for his next biggest movie. He was getting a salary of 35 to 40 crores so far and is planning to increase his salary to 50 crores. Andhra media is currently talking about his property value, who is the top star of telugu cinema. 39-year-old junior ntr is married and has two children. He has his own jet plane. His property value is said to be 550 crores. He owns many bungalows in Hyderabad. He is living a royal life with assets worth crores.
Junior ntr has fixed his salary at 50 crores and the telugu media is talking about it as viral. Compared to our tamil heroes like Rajini, Vijay, and Ajith, his salary is two or three times less. And it will take another ten years for him to earn the same salary as the leading heroes of our tamil cinema. It is a fact that even though all these heroes have made films like the oscar award huge production collection hunt, no other hero can even come close to the salary of our tamil heroes like superstar Rajinikanth, Thalapathy Vijay, and actor Ajithkumar.

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