Srikanth Odela, a newcomer, wrote and produced the rustic action-adventure movie Dasara. nani and Keerthy suresh are their protagonists. The singareni coal pits near Godavarikhani in telangana serve as the setting for the movie. Santhosh Narayan composed the soundtrack, sathyam Sooryan ISC handled the cinematography, and Navin Nooli handled the editing. Under the auspices of SLV Cinemas, sudhakar Cherukuri is the film's producer.

As Veerlapalli opens the film, Nani's speech is heard. The story begins in the 1980s when ntr is Andhra Pradesh's, Chief Minister. In the midst of a village uprising, Dharani, Suri, and vennela are presented as young children. Additionally introduced are Samuthrakani and Sai Kumar. dharani develops. A potent introduction is given to dharani and his crew. Time for the smash hit single dhoom Dhaam Dhosthaan. THE PICTURIZATION OF THE SONG "DHOOM DHAM" IS GOOD. dance by dharani and Venela is widely appealing.

In Veerlapalli, tom Chacko is organizing a significant event. A cricket contest takes place following an emotional scene starring Dharani, Vennela, and Suri. A significant figure for vennela and Suri and dharani clash. Following the stirring Ori Vaari song, a few significant figures encounter difficulties. politics assumes a more serious tone as the movie shifts gears. We are effectively drawn into Veerlapalli on the big screen by debutant srikanth Odela. It keeps one focused on the action. He surprises you with a skillfully shot stunning interval just as you start to feel like everything is routine.

With the tune La la li lo, the second half gets off to a very emotional start. Shine tom Chacko's wife turns out to be an accomplished artist. nani and his gang are busy making a significant strategy. The movie is approaching its climax, and nani is in full mass form as the hamlet of Veerlapally prepares to celebrate the dasara festival.

There is no doubt that srikanth Odela has the potential to be TFI's next great thing. Excellent cinematography is used. The biggest flaw in the BGM is that, while it's excellent in some places, there are many scenes that the music director could've elevated. The drama has worked for the most part with some strong sequences and a well-executed climax, despite the pace being generally slow and a few sections feeling stretched out. A career-high effort for Nani. Despite a somewhat slow pace, the general village setup and nativity as well as a few excellent sequences have turned out well. He has surpassed himself, Nani.

Because of its excellent technical work, realistic setting, strong lead acting, and exciting conclusion, dasara is a fine one-time watch. On the other hand, because it focuses more on drama and emotions than on surprise, the narrative lacks any element of surprise.


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