Just picture a Mohanlal-only movie. The malayalam celebrity, dubbed "The Complete Actor," has redefined himself throughout time. The idea of a movie featuring only mohanlal is intriguing. Only the voices of the supporting performers are audible. In fact, Alone makes you think of Parthiepan's one-man movie Othatha Seruppu. Oththa Seruppu garnered favourable reviews. But will Alone be a commercial success?

Motivational speaker Kalidas (Mohanlal) relocates to a new residence in Kochi. Everything is handled through calls because he moved into the apartment during the Covid-19 lockdown. He hears a woman and her daughter's voices shortly after moving into the residence (Sreedevi and Anu). Das is convinced that there is a purpose for the spirits' presence in the home. He quickly investigates the cause of the voices he is hearing.

Alone, a film by Shaji Kailas, strives to be a suspenseful horror film. However, there isn't much in the movie to keep you interested. Due to the screenplay's lack of elements, the movie feels agonisingly long. You can immediately tell that these are ghosts as you start hearing their voices. One can already infer that the two individuals would have been treated unfairly. The majority of the time, Mohanlal's Das states the obvious. You eventually simply sit there and gaze at the screen, wondering when this ordeal will be over.

There are a couple of plot surprises in Alone's pre-climax. But rather than being startled when the big reveal occurs, you find yourself scratching your brain. There was just so much that mohanlal could do to make this drowning story more positive. He is drinking himself to death, mouthing popular philosophies, and romancing yamuna in the movie (Manju Warrier). His friendship with retired goon hari Bhai (Prithviraj) is an intriguing relationship that should have been properly explored.

In addition to the flimsy plot, the strange camera angles are what almost make you sick. You get a bizarre close-up of Mohanlal's eye as well as an unrelated image of a pen's nib flying off. Artificial skies, a lot of pointless close-up and slow-motion views, and harsh soundtrack are all present.

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