The recently ended MLC elections from the graduates' seat in North-Coastal Andhra once again demonstrated that the coalition between the Jana Sena party, led by power star Pawan Kalyan, and the bharatiya janata party (BJP) is on the rocks. The bjp put P.V.N. Madhav, an outgoing MLC, forth as a candidate, stating he is a joint candidate of the bjp and Jana Sena. State bjp President somu veerraju went on record, indicating that pawan kalyan had extended his support to Madhav.

The telugu desam party (TDP) helped the bjp win this seat in 2017, however this time, the bjp was counting on the backing of Jana Sena. Yet from the start, the Jana Sena party refrained from supporting Madhav, and none of the party's leaders did either. It is known that the Jana Sena officials and supporters indirectly supported tdp candidate Vepada Chiranjeevi. Young graduates who were supporting pawan kalyan cast their ballots for the tdp candidate.

As a result, chiranjeevi has a sizable advantage against Seethamraju Sudhakar, the YSRC candidate, and is poised to win the seat. They claim that the Jana Sena party cadres deserve credit. The outcome suggests that the tdp and Jana Sena party have decided to form an alliance to fend off the BJP. They might be happy if the bjp ties up with the TDP-Jana Sena alliance, but the bjp has decided against doing so. Despite their alliance, there haven't been any combined events in the last two years between the Jana Sena and the BJP.

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