What will happen if it still rains today? Mega Twist..!?

The IPL final between gujarat and chennai has been postponed today due to heavy rain. In this situation, if it rains today, let's see what bcci will decide. Gujarat-Chennai teams have advanced to the finals of this year's IPL series. The final match between these two teams was scheduled to take place last night, but the match was postponed to tonight due to sudden heavy rain in Ahmedabad. It started raining at around 6 pm yesterday, but it continued to rain for a few minutes. Due to this, the fans lost hope. The umpires waited till 11 pm and announced that the final between gujarat and chennai will be played on the reserve day. The BCCI's decision to hold the match on a reserve day without reducing the overs has made fans happy. However, there is a high chance of heavy rain in ahmedabad this evening as well. Perhaps if the match cannot be held today, what will happen has been announced.Accordingly, it has been announced that at the end of the league matches, the IPL trophy will be handed over to the gujarat team with the most points. With this, the gujarat team has won the trophy for the 2nd time in a row. As a result, the fans of the chennai team have already started praying that there should be no rain in ahmedabad again. However, the IPL management is ready to conduct the match with fewer overs if rain interrupts today's match.

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