"The DMK government, which is unable to stop the sale of fake liquor, what is it going to say to deal with the constant loss of lives caused by alcohol sold in government bars?" bjp state president annamalai questioned, pointing to the suicide of a Vellore student.

In a post on his social media page in this regard, he said, "A few days after many lives were lost to the sale of fake liquor in tamil Nadu, two people died after drinking illegally sold liquor in a bar before the opening hours of the liquor shops. The case was attributed to death due to consumption of cyanide-laced liquor, and no action was taken after that. The tamil Nadu government has abandoned it without taking it.

It has recently come to light that the bars operating in many districts of tamil Nadu have been operating illegally without permission. A few days ago, there was news of a dead lizard inside a wine bottle. Now there is a news that algae is floating inside the wine bottle. Following this, more shockingly, in madurai district, two people who bought alcohol at a Tasmac liquor store fainted and fell down, while one died without treatment. Another is in hospital in critical condition.

Another tragic incident took place yesterday as a result of the opening of street after street of bars. A 16-year-old schoolgirl committed suicide because of her father's drinking. But the DMK, who is not concerned about these things, is sacrificing the poor and needy people to earn their party members who run liquor factories and the liquor minister. The DMK government, which is incapable of stopping the sale of bootleg liquor, is going to deal with the ongoing loss of life caused by alcohol sold in government liquor shops?” he posted.

Earlier, a few days ago, Prabhu, a laborer from Chinnarajaguppa near Vellore district. His daughter had passed the 10th class examination this year with 410 marks. In this case, it is noteworthy that her daughter, who was upset because her father used to get drunk and quarreled at home every day, wrote a letter saying, "My wish is for my father to stop drinking" and hanged herself.

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