Vijay Antony's broken heart is torn by them..!?

In this era of social media dominance, even one's grief is seen as business-oriented. For the past two days, the news about the death of Vijay Antony's daughter has been doing the rounds in the media. Moreover, some media outlets behave in such a frowning manner as to interview celebrities who come to participate in mourning, zooming in on their sad faces and taking videos. We were also able to see things that were filmed around the child's funeral without being allowed to do it peacefully. This is the tragedy of commercializing the death of a little girl for TRP and to buy views. No media has ever thought of how hurt Vijay Antony's family, who is grieving the loss of their daughter, will be if they see such videos one day.
Moreover, many people like Bailwan Ranganathan, without knowing what the truth is, are making unnecessary comments on this matter. It will take a long time for Vijay Antony's family to recover from this loss. This trend of the media not even giving that time is now being criticized by the public. Our prayers and comfort are necessary for those who are losing their daughter at this time. But without doing that, incidents are taking place that will tear the mind of them. Even the words spoken by Meera's mother at the funeral have been released in audio form. This situation of seeing a mother's cry as entertainment must change.

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