When did Sikhs first begin to settle in Canada?


Relations between canada and india have never been as bad as they are today. At present the situation between the two countries is such that if their borders were touching each other, perhaps tension would have been seen there too. Canada's PM Justin Trudeau's statement is certainly the reason behind stoking the fire of tension, but the spark that has been burning between india and canada for decades is named Khalistan.

These words are the product of some people who intend to cut off punjab from India. canada is a heaven for such people and india has always been opposing it. Let us know how Khalistanis became so strong in canada and along with this we also know when and how the first settlement of people of Sikh community started in Justin Trudeau's country.

When did the Sikhs first arrive in Canada?

It was the year 1897, when queen Victoria invited a contingent of british indian soldiers, mostly from the Sikh community, to join her Diamond Jubilee celebrations. This was the same time when only 21 Sikh soldiers of the 36th (Sikh) Regiment of bengal Infantry of the british indian army had defeated an army of more than 10 thousand Pathans in the battle of Saragarhi.

It is said that when queen Victoria invited these soldiers to join the Diamond Jubilee Celebration, a group of british indian cavalry soldiers was on the way to Colombia. Major Kesar Singh Risaledar was included in this cavalry group. These were the first Sikhs to settle in Canada. Later, along with him, some other soldiers also decided to settle in canada and then gradually the number of people going from india to canada started increasing. According to a BBC report, within a few years about 5000 indian settlers reached british Columbia from india and 90 percent of them were from the Sikh community.

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