The bjp slammed newly elected telangana chief minister Revanth Reddy's "Bihar DNA" comments on Thursday, demanding that the congress and other members of the opposition india coalition denounce it and urge him to apologize. During a recent media interview, reddy allegedly stated that K Chandrashekar Rao, Telangana's first chief minister, has "Bihar dna," implying that he is a better candidate for the state than KCR.

"Telangana is in my blood." bihar is in KCR's blood. He is from Bihar. Kurmi is KCR's caste. They moved from bihar to Vijayanagaram, then to Telangana. "Telangana dna is superior to bihar dna," reddy reportedly stated.

Reddy's words were labeled "very shameful, divisive, and arrogant" by senior bjp leader ravi shankar Prasad, who urged that the congress and other india bloc members denounce him.

He also wanted an apology from reddy for making such disparaging statements about Bihar's people. "I condemn his remarks," prasad said outside the parliament complex to PTI.

"Does he intend to destabilize the country?" The fundamental question here is why the india alliance members are being mute. Why has nitish kumar not responded to Reddy's remarks? "What are the congress members doing in Bihar?"

Prasad also questioned past congress presidents sonia gandhi and rahul Gandhi's silence on Reddy's statements.

"It is terrible that your chief minister deems one region's dna weak and makes very despicable casteist statements about his own party leaders (who are in Bihar). We strongly condemn it. "If the congress party understands the importance of national unity, they should condemn it as well," he added.

Later, during a news conference at the bjp headquarters, prasad took aim at sonia gandhi, rahul Gandhi, and party general secretary priyanka gandhi Vadra. "His (Reddy's) oath-taking ceremony was attended by his mother, son, and daughter." They did not force him to retract his statement."

"How low will the congress go to make itself relevant?" the bjp leader wondered. "Do they realise that India's cultural unity extends to the north and south? india is one." Do troops consider whether they should labour in the north or the south?"

The patna Sahib mp also asked bihar chief minister nitish kumar, "How long will all of you remain silent for your selfish political interests?"

“This is very painful. I am from bihar and I am proud of Bihari mitti (soil).”

Ashwini Kumar Choubey, the BJP's Buxar mp and Union minister, claimed Reddy's "petty" statements damaged Bihar's sensibilities and deserved a response from chief minister Nitish Kumar.

"Congress leaders are fostering a sour environment throughout the country... people would respond appropriately to the petty remarks made by the congress politician, who is also the chief minister of telangana," Choubey told PTI.

Sushil Modi, a bjp mp and former bihar deputy state cabinet, also chastised the congress and its india bloc partners for Reddy's remarks, demanding that the telangana chief minister apologize.

"INDI Alliance members continued to denigrate Hindu and Sanatan Dharma. They have now arrived at bihar DNA. Is it ethical to assert that telangana dna is superior to bihar dna and make such disparaging remarks about individuals from another state?" he said.

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