Singer Suchitra leveled further charges against her husband Karthik Kumar in a YouTube video, this time about his sexual preference. She also talked about a contentious side of kollywood, the tamil film business, which involves parties in its elite circles where drug abuse claims have been made. She also made accusations against Trishna Krishnan, actor Simbu, and Thalapathy Vijay.
She clarified in a prior interview that the "Suchi leak" episode was only a practical joke gone wrong. She continued by stressing how common these jokers are in the kollywood film business. Suchitra talked of going to get-togethers at actor Vijay's house and playing truth or dare during parties.
"They say trisha danced and sang in front of Vijay's house in one such party," Suchitra added during the conversation. trisha is willing to take on such challenges and has become a legend at these gatherings. Vijay has such a lovely exterior. Regretfully, he hosts these gatherings at his residence every second day. trisha who completed the shooting of 'Vidaamuyarchi' was mobbed by reporters and she openly expressed discomfort and anger. Several news channels captured her angry face on the cameras. 


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