The sci-fi masterpiece kalki 2898 AD, directed by Prabhas, will open in theatres on june 27 in just 7 days. In addition to deepika Padukone, amitabh bachchan, and Kamal Haasan, the film is directed by Nag Ashwin. The tamil Nadu theatrical distribution rights for kalki 2898 AD have been formally bought by Sri lakshmi Movies, which is well-known for releasing pushpa in the region.

Following Baahubali's phenomenal success in tamil Nadu, few telugu films were as successful. The box office performance of Prabhas' most recent films, Salaar and Adipurush, in tamil Nadu, was unimpressive. In tamil Nadu, Salaar made almost 20 crores, but Adipurush didn't even break 5 crores.

All eyes are now on kalki 2898 AD, which needs to make about 40 crores to succeed, with a break-even objective of 22 crores. In tamil Nadu, this is a big goal for a telugu movie. But with Kamal Haasan, the superstar of tamil cinema, in the cast, there's hope that his enormous popularity would draw a big crowd to the theatres. But tamil viewers have a history of purposefully ignoring even excellent telugu films because they would rather not see telugu celebrities succeed outside their home country.
According to some conjecture, this pattern could continue because of possible unfavorable social media talk from tamil viewers who haven't yet viewed kalki 2898 AD. There is hope that kalki 2898 AD would buck this tendency, despite this. Hopefully, it won't happen this time and tamil viewers will appreciate kalki 2898 AD as much as telugu viewers enjoy tamil films. kalki 2898 AD has the potential to succeed in tamil Nadu and signify a fresh start with favorable word of mouth.

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