Amritpal Singh: who is he? punjab on the path of unrest...

The punjab police on saturday started action against Waris punjab De chief Amritpal Singh. A senior home Department official has said that internet services will remain closed in punjab till sunday afternoon.

Police has taken self-styled Sikh preacher Amritpal into custody near Nakodar. Till now it has not been officially confirmed. Amritpal's convoy was stopped by the police in Mehatpur village of jalandhar district on Saturday.

Punjab De Group's second boss is Amritpal Singh Waris. Deep Sidhu started the organisation. Last year, he was killed in a car mishap. After the death of Deep Sidhu, Amritpal Singh came into limelight and soon after seeing this, Waris became the head of punjab De.

Amritpal Singh lives in Dubai. He is a radical preacher and a Khalistan supporter. He claims to represent the Sikh community. Its demand is that Khalistan country should be made separate from Punjab. Since assuming control of Waris punjab De, he has been busy in Punjab. There are always armed men around him.

Amritpal hides in the shadow of guns

Surrounded by gunmen and swordsmen, Amritpal's terror is increasing. Amrit Pal Singh calls himself the leader of the Sikhs. He gives radical sermons. Before the Ajnala incident, Amritpal created a stir by making controversial remarks against Union home minister amit Shah. Amritpal had said that his fate would also be like that of former prime minister Indira Gandhi. indira gandhi was assassinated in the year 1984 while she was the Prime Minister.

Amritpal is the mastermind of Ajnala incident

Amritpal Singh's supporters had recently stormed the Ajnala police station in amritsar so that an associate of Amritpal Singh could be released. Amritpal had recently married UK-based nri Kirandeep Kaur in a simple ceremony at his native village Jallupur Khera in Amritsar.

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